What do Bathroom Fitters do for you?

The main bathroom fitters duties in detailThere are plenty of bathroom fitters in London. Some of these fitters are fantastic, like bathroomfitterslondon4u.co.uk and others not quite as much.

If you are searching for a company that provides bathroom installation then you are probably going to want to know a little bit about what they are going to bring to the table. On this page we are going to discover exactly what a bathroom fitter can do for you. This information will also be useful for those that are looking to break into the world of bathroom fitting and start to work in one of the most fulfilling trade professions. Let’s take a little look shall we?

The Bathroom Fitters – Who are they?

Bathroom fitters generally work by themselves. If the project is slightly larger than normal (for example, a complete bathroom re-fit) then they may operate within a small team. For mere replacement of units or perhaps a bit of tiling and painting then you can expect them to work on their own though.

If your bathroom installation in London is a fairly large project then it is likely that some plumbing or electrics will need to be tinkered with. It is VERY unlikely that a bathroom fitter will be able to deal with this. There are a few out there that are experienced plumbers or electricians. For the most part though this work will be sub-contracted out (the price of this will be included in your quote of course). This way you have a professional taking a little look at the work so you know that it is going to be safe.

It is extremely unlikely that a bathroom fitter will be able to deal with gas work. This is because gas work requires you to be CORGI registered and to undergo extensive training. If gas work (fitting new pipes, boilers etc.) needs to be completed in your bathroom then a qualified gas engineer will need to be called in.

This is just a small selection of the things that a bathroom fitter will be unable to accomplish. There are a lot more things that they will be able to do. In fact, this is one of the more varied trades out there. For more information read our article about how to find a bathroom installer.

Jobs that an Experienced Bathroom Fitter will be able to complete include:

1. Bathroom remodeling and re-design in London areaWorking with the client to come up with the initial design of the bathroom. Many people have an idea of what they want in a bathroom. It is very rare that their idea will be practical though. The job of a bathroom fitter will be to try and get these ideas down onto paper in a workable format. This means something which can actually be done in the bathroom. Their job will be to get down as many ideas as possible without it being over budget.

2. Once the plan is in place it will be the job of the bathroom fitter to start to layout the bathroom and mark areas down based on the layout and design plans that have been drawn up. This is a very important part of the whole process. This is because if the slightest mistake is made then it can completely ruin the look of the bathroom. Everything needs to be completely accurate. Being a mere inch out is just not on!

3. A bathroom fitter in London will often be responsible for removing old units and eventually disposing of them. It is unlikely that a local garbage disposal area will allow you to ditch trade waste like this. As a result the bathroom fitter will have to travel a fair way to get to an area where it can be legally disposed of. At the end of the job the bathroom fitter will also get rid of all of the debris that they have created. It is important that they leave the job site clean and safe for the client.

4. It is important that hidden pipes and cables are identified by the bathroom fitter. This ensures that they will not be drilled through. Drilling through either of them could be costly and fairly expensive.

5. A bathroom fitter is going to need to cut down any tiles and stones that are going to be installed in the bathroom. They will need specialist power tools for this.

6. A bathroom fitter is also going to be required to cut down any wood. Quite often they will need to take on the role of a joiner. You will be surprised at just how many bathroom fitters have the skills of professional carpenters.

7. A key role for the bathroom fitter will be to fit units and appliances into place. It is important that these units and appliances are installed according to the plan that they have in place at the start. As mentioned previously, even if something is just a couple of inches off it could completely wreck the design of the bathroom!

The work that they need to do extends way beyond the actual bathroom. Successful bathroom fitters in London need to know exactly how to market their services to the general public. If they do not know how to market then it is unlikely that they will be able to pick up any business. In addition to this they are going to need to take on some consultancy work. This is pretty much a soft sell. Here the bathroom fitter will be running through the options that the client has when it comes to their bathroom fitting and trying to come up with a quote and design that is perfect for them. Many bathroom fitters are not paid for their consultancy. This consultancy is often done as a way in which to drum up some business.

As you can see, there is a lot of work that a bathroom fitter is going to be able to do to your bathroom. It is important that if you are undergoing bathroom installation that you get in touch with one. You will be surprised at just how much they bring to the table. If you are looking to get started as a bathroom fitter then it may be a lot of work, but trust me, this is an incredibly rewarding profession. And if you are looking for trustful and professional bathroom fitters to complete your project and make your dream bathroom a reality – get in touch via Contact Us form and we will give you a professional advice on what needs to be done to make your dream a reality!

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